Why Frenzy?

Frenzy allows for far less down time between balls, and provides a fun, non-stop pinball experience to compliment normal Leagues.

Always on

Players play almost continually with predictive breaks between games.

Two Players

Two player games keeps things fast and fun.


The heads up play format allows for full IFPA points.

Important Links

MatchPlay LinkIFPA Event 1 Link


I made the font super hard to read. You are welcome!

First night on the 29th

This will be a beta night. It will still count for points and all that but it will allow us to introduce the format and have some fun. 7pm start!

IFPA Submission done!

IFPA submission is in. FAQ• Can I bring a Friend? Yes! • What is the max amount of people that can play per night? We are aiming for between 10-40 people. • How long does the Read more…